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ISP Monitor is a tool that will monitor, log and display the traffic parameters
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ISP Monitor is a simple application that will monitor, log and display the traffic parameters of your connection. It focuses on providing an effective solution to keep track of the traffic in relation with the limits imposed by your ISP, therefore it can retrieve the traffic statistics directly from your providers’ website and inform you of how much quota you have. Real-time traffic monitoring with the display of the download and upload speeds and of the total amount of transferred data is also provided.

This application offers handy additional tools such as a simple disk activity monitor or an Internet connection speed testing utility. It can be configured to warn you by mail when you reach the limits of your accounts, thus helping you avoid having to deal with additional costs. It can also simply disconnect you when the traffic quota is about to be exceeded.

It comes with direct support for retrieving the traffic statistics of an account created with the most popular Belgian and Dutch providers, but it can be used to monitor the traffic regardless of your ISP (just select the right network adapter on the "Traffic Monitor" menu of its settings).

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  • Can also monitor the disk activity
  • Offers a speed testing tool
  • Lets you configure warnings


  • There's no "help" file, only an online "support" forum
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